Saturday, October 26, 2013

Been in the desert with just internet

Been in the desert with - just internet

Strange to say, that being without the close knit family members around, seems I am not really shallowly missing them, as/but I have the Been in the desert with just internet for nearly four weeks to keep in touch with them all.

Missing a person permanently gone for ever is different, but the kids and others- I Vill Be Bach! You guys are still in  my heart and on my mind. A little messaging very few days, a quick email if I remember to, they are close that way.
Been in the desert with just internet and while I am away; The #2Son is supposedly doing all the household chores, washing, yard chores, mail and childminding chores on top of studying like mad for his last year at school exams in the hope of being a driver of an ambulance- if not a paramedic... [Pretty sure it was the fast thing about the career- not the blood and guts... Ve Vill See...] But my "leedle shpiez" tell me that the actual quality of the house work done at home is enough that you can see     -   the doors and walls and ceilings..... and he gets his friends staying over to do some of it for him! how to win friends and influence people... Oh dear me, if I get home to a-------!

Now the #1Son, what a good one that is, not in comparison or anything to #2Son, but I reckon he will be a good catch the way he has stepped in as chaperon for the Gels this last weekend- they went to an aunts he's Night luncheon(I know- luncheon?), and then maybe (window!) shopping back in The Big Smoke with Big Brother (I can see his face now- get used to it...). He aint well this week, tonsillitis the doc reckons, so I wish him better health soon, as well as good luck with last semester uni stuff.

The gels now, I think they may miss me, but early teens- probably say they do just to shut me up! I hear that they are being good, from their aunt, I hope so, she has been kind enough to take them on for initially a few weeks, but as this old desert job carries on longer, she or I may have to pack them off to boarding school! JOKE! But looks they are growing up, sensible and all. Did I mention under a little duress and help that the braces are on their teeth now, so in the end all I am is the money cow after I look after That! 

Been in the desert with just internet and no TV is a shocker- but that has been changed- we now have satellite- 999 channels and only the ABC shows to amuse me... Like missing beer and the kids, "Hmm, Am I Really?" (I say only the ABC- I meant to try to catch Craig Ferguson the other night, but I missed the Late Late Show by That Much, I went for dinner in disgust).

Been in the desert with just internet and no household chores, no dishes, no cooking, no cleaning, no bed making even, no taxi rides around town for overnights or band outings. Been okay for a leedle break from raising kids for a change, as long as the work done(?) is paid for.

Been in the desert with just internet, heat, crows, dust... Hope it will be worth it, xmas is coming...

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