Friday, August 31, 2012

Gross Fishing

Cleaning and Gross Fishing

This is not that it's really a family oriented blog good and bad bews etcetera.
[And this is a late post addon from an earlier one...]

If you know about this, you know I get cross with the shower sometimes. Like: When the plug hole is PLUGGED by child hair (or even the grey, ok). Or when the drain gets grown into by roots of grasses or vines or trees.

The last few weeks, if the shower is going at full steam (hahaha..) the footwell starts to fill.

Not again!

Pull the wad of hair from the plug hole...?

Not filling due to that pitiful wad of [LONG!] hair.

Need to do something else, check that the drain outside is not overflowing. Again.



Today. Half naked and ready for a shower and while the blockage is on my mind I streak outside to grab some speaker wire from the Alcoholery.

Once back inside safe from prying eyes, I bend the speaker wire into a semblance of a hook and poke it down the plug hole. Deep Deep Deep, and pulled out some hair from the U-bend.
Not so good an Idea Marvin.

Return to the Alcoholery for.... adadadadadadadda dem... [drum roll]
hanger and a pair of pliers

Bent wire to suit. Slip it down the plug hole, and lucky for me the "strainer" piece comes free. Because as I rotate the kludged up hooking device and pull it up.... 


That's just Gross Fishing fore ya!

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