Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just another day

Another cake on the table

Number one son 

aka Son#1, returned home the other week after a wee trip.

His travels included some live p.jam, rubbish, small falls near buffaloe and a venice beach visit!

Lucky lucky lucky....

Anyway, he also brought back some little things for us all, what a good guy! I also got some parts for a portable weather station and a thingo for my home weather monitor!

The gels had a cake ready for dinner to celebrate his latest birthday now that he was back. Yummo- the usual mud cake!

The Visitor

Ensconced in his favourite place... The gels do not want me to hand this deaf lil ol critter back to the rightful owner! I 'd love to, he needs TLC, from auntie! Oh the poos and wee is funny... once a month maybe...

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