Friday, December 2, 2011

Hmm. Tight. Good. The Foos


Sucked into a FooFighters Concert.

So I was thinking I did the right thing a few months ago, buying some concert tickets for the 16yr old and his mate, seats at the December 2 FooFighters concert in the Big Smoke at the Aami Stadium
But boy was I wrong. They wanted the mosh pit, so the mate bailed out.

Pissed me right off.

So for the next few months I was on #2's back- get me my money! $120 is not a sneeze- it is about three slabs of beer man!

By the 1st december, no takers....

Talking about it to a mutual friend- A Father and Son Outing!

Riigghhhtt. Me and the boy going together to a Foos concert.

Suggested by SMS to #2.

No answer.

After school- "Yeah, good idea", cos I did say he could drive us...


Okkaay then. Organise the gels so the boys could take off.


So then I had to finish work early, grab #2 from school early, and get to the city by 6pm...

Worked dragged on and on...

Left home to pick #2 up, but had to return for the reading glasses... Off to pick Him up. And returned home yet again so he could FINISH packing things he did not pack in the car before school...

Arrived a little later than imagined, the Learner driver being booted out of the driver's seat at Springvale Rd,  then after panic attack about parking the car, as dropped idea of staying with #1 at the campus flat, set off around the MCG, over the railroad, and could hear the warm up bands from a mile off.

Walked all around the concert stadium - 359° - to get to our assigned row and was ready for Tenacious D. Who ever. But the Screens- Man, they were BIG!

"Jack Black?" I asked the expert, with shock.

OMG, am I out of the loop!

So that was enjoyable.

Then the show started in earnest.

OMG II- Out of the loop or what. Really this time.
I only knew a few radio hits, but tapped along anyway.
As far as it went, I would rate it loud.
Like Pink Floyd 1989 Adelaide, Springsteen 86 Melbourne and U2 in 84 Perth.
And Tommy the Movie, mid 70's...

The drummer did a Wall song, something I vaguely knew in the first bar, and then, OH YEAH, somethin' to Tap Along To!

Well, I reckon #2 enjoyed it anyway.

We have just arrived home, getting through the 11:30pm traffic jam and home by 2.30am, and here I am, looking at the $45 dollar concert tee-shirts at 3am and wondering, sometimes life is worth it.

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