Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NuHoose Inhabitated

They're Back
And the heater is on

As is the usual seasonal happenings occur, some close relatives flew back to the new coop the other day, as mentioned before.

If this is a family blog spot, then I better get on with it.
So far we have shared a few meals and drinks, and cousins are enjoying each others company.
The weather has been a typical free for all- wet, dry, bright, dull, windy, warm, cold, beautiful.
Dee has used her new expensive heater- and kitchen- and The Decking.
I think she has enjoyed it so far- but the moving out of the old place to the new is tiring.
As PD puts it- just one trip per day...
And they will be off again in the new year, like swallows following the summer.
Which means lots of laughs, meals and good wine, heaps of iced confectionary and sweets between now and then! A bbq or two.
 Good wine. Oh yeah. That moderately, after last weekend- but welcome home times are like that.

I received a compliment too, via Dee, that the kids are so good, amazed[?] that I have done it.
Thank you. I will leave it at that. Nearly.

It has not been that hard- to me. I set my standards on what/how I have grown up with, and what others' expectations of how participants in a social and democratic and secular society are expected to behave so we can all live well, happily and together, supportive of each other.

You can tell I am a bloke, because "love" has not come up.

Cos it has to be there for the other stuff to happen I suppose.

In other news, #2 has been on a surfing camp at the Prom, and now we are after a wetty and board. Great. The lawns not been done and expects a handout like that? Hmm. And driving time?

The gels are nearly out of primary school, last few concerts... Hard to believe how the time is passing.

Son#1 should be "home" again soon, after completing his first year away at uni.

Should be fun, watching the four of them, verbally dueling- I mean- FOUR teenagers under the one roof!

Well, not quite, 19, 16 and two  @ 11 yrs.
There is a shared love of music too, they all have done Taiko drumming and City brass band time, and the iPods get a Workout...

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