Sunday, December 12, 2021

towards ending

 maybe the last, other wise go to

cheers big ears

Saturday, July 31, 2021

@0$%^ and that was 2021

Long time no posting

but have almost semi-retired due to the UNPRECENDENTED #$%^ awful time since March 2020.

have a guess why

Anyway, hacking this old blog space to pieces, by means of adding all my blogger blogs into this one, if it works that is.

So far it appears to be working. Might mean a lot of editing again, so maybe a book can be decontructed from the blahblahblah? Who knows. Self evicseration laterly has had the painful realisation of a self I did not know was or is probably just a short arse pain in the ass niggling you or whingin and never being perfect but really "wants that too- and right now!".

All I really wanted was to go barefoot skiing and what did you do?

So when I am am done and dusted or even still piling S#@T on here anyway and anyone feels that I need to be pysych-o-ed analysed, at least here are the usual rants, objections, achievments or otherwise, point of view, humour or not notes, crap, weather, geology, sailboarding, kids etcetera etcetera, that you can comb through and react to or with. 

The sites should have a dedication to my SIL, cos guys do not seem to say aloud what is going on in the head- like me as a widower raising four kids alone- "hi, how are ya?". So I started this and other blogs a decade ago to see if it helps grief. Or more? Like exercise, hast not cured moi. I think. Anyway, weekly visitations are off as another realisation was made self evident, not really a two way thing anymore- PITA but yeah why not. 


ATM shitty as not getting work THROWN in my direction as COVID cr%pped on it as soon as I was signed up for some great location work close to a speedsailing site- VERY annoyed at that. Not helping my moping, and turning off by reading mah kindle. Or doing Angry Birds a lot.

Plans are to tidy up and get out of Her hoose and closer to rest of family, faar away from the helipad of my moroseness.

I did buy a RC plane to learn to fly, and seems not a flier, so off it went. I bought a drone to do videos or stills of geomorphoogy or wellsite drilling sites for oil/gas companies, or just stuff.
Problem is, you need to learn a lot of stuff so people and stuff are not bothered by the 'drone sound and privacy invasion'. Spoilt the fun of it. I do have some published pics by a newspaper and a company paid for stills for the annual report- so that was nice, but I have not profited by it yet. There's seven grand in equipment and training doin' nutin'.

Changed my sailing profile, bugger waves and chop- Speed is it, got two action cameras and new sails, and new fins since Jan 2020, so armed for those bears. Weather permitting and the bloody borders are open. Lake George is the place, South Australia. OMG.

Old van was condemned by experts, a newer van happened, helped out fo a new one. Tickets have happened. It is an auto, so that means a lot.

Company car sold for rent and food, but kept in the fam, #2 boyo thought he needed a car. Nice.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Slow down

Well probably, here anyway, rather update to other one if you dont mind clicking to the wordpress "dia-ration". This weill be there.

"And So!"
  2020= lockdown, trumps parastism extending putridness all over the west- wake up stupid yankees, stop me now, but social media over there has gone mad attacking "Dear Leader". Good.

Don't like to say but times are a changing, not off the block this last week, hopefully another project rears it's head soon, the garden has been "shredded" but cannot dump the mess- "non-essential travel"? My SA...

Did I ever mention I am now a multi-prop drone pilot? Even got paid for some promotional drilling rig pictures last year while on a drilling job, most satisfying. And also a model plane learner driver- just in case a fixed wing drone job cames up.

A new yacht graces the water down the little pond, and an updated older model sports a new rig, they are both most excellent little boats.

Spent time reparing or making sure two old portable CD players work and both twenty five years old- one had shit batteries ands ruined battery compartment so it only works on acdc power now, ouch, but has a line out jack- the sony one does not, but as a marvin example- both had the "hold" switch on, held me back ten miutes til I wotrked that out, did not want chuck out more bloody modern technology- I do hate that.

Just finishing off a small garage cleanout- last two boxes of SF mags. I first started reading and then buying Ananlog Science Fact and Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov's SF mag, and Fantasy and SF magasines in 1979 when I started uni, work that bookshelf length! Very sad to find out that the recyclers do not take books and magasines for recycling- straight to the trash pile! I did not think anyone would want them so bye bye over half my lifetime's reading material. But, it is online so really no floods of tears.